Aged Care: What is My Aged Care?

My Aged Care is a Commonwealth Government program which creates a service record for older Australians.


Once a record is created, you (or a nominated representative) can be provided with information and referral to goods and services specific to the care and independence of older persons.


Depending on your eligibility and needs, referrals might be made for goods and services to assist you in maintaining saftey and independence at home. 


To access these services My Aged Care will initiate assessments to determine you level of need.


Low level needs: Regional Assessment Team (RAS)

Complex or high level needs: Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)


Who provides the goods and services?

The RAS/ACAT assessor will discuss items to assist you with safety and care at home. With your permission the assessor will create referral for these goods and services.

Referrals are entered into the My Aged Care provider portal.

The My Aged Care service provider portal can only be accessed by Australian Government-funded aged care service providers. More info at this link.

What are the costs?

There is no cost to register for My Aged Care. 

The cost of goods and services will depend on the outcome of your RAS/ACAT assessment and the goods/services you require.

Providers will advise you of the cost of service before they proceed.


What is important?

When a My Aged Care record is created, it is important that you and any nominated representatives are aware of the process for contacting and making requests/referrals.



Make sure you record the central phone number 1800 200 422.

If your needs change or are unsure of My Age Care processes, the central line can access your file and discuss the details of your referrals. 



If you would like to authorise a family member to contact My Age Care and make requests on your behalf, they will need to be created as a representative on your file. Only the client can authorise representative is added to the file.



When services are requested from My Aged Care or its providers, they will only be able to speak with the client or the authorised representative. Providing the correct contact information and being available to receive phone calls is important.

Due to privacy, My Aged Care and its providers cannot discuss with anyone who is not authorised on the client file.



When a referral is created for a goods or service, you will be provided with a reference number and provider will contact you directly.

The reference number allows the referral to tracked and be claimed by the provider. Ensure you keep your information and reference numbers. 



When a referral for goods (rails, equipment) or services (allied health, domestic assistance) is created in your My Aged Care record, this does not indicate services are fee free.


The My Aged Care assessors will inform client of any subsidy entitlements and help nominate your preferred providers. Cost information will be given to you by your nominated providers. 



The My Aged Care subsidy is paid to the registered provider and client pays the difference. Cost will depend on type of good/service.

Providers will require client consent to proceed and agreement to pay any cost differences.



My Aged Care (MAC) referral may be created for supply of equipment. This can be done at time of RAS/ACAT assessment or by contacting My Age Care to advise of a new need.

The cost of equipment will depend on the item prescribed. For more information on subsidised equipment, please speak with the assessor and My Aged Care.



My Aged Care (MAC) may assist in over 65s access to minor home modificaiton. This may include rails for bathroom transfers.

When a third party supplies or funds the modification, best practice requires an OT assessment for appropriate recommendation and justification of item.



The supply of any MAC subsidised equipment or home modification will require an Occupational Therapist to assess and recommend the correct items for the client.

When equipment or home modification is referred, an OT referral will also be created. When a third party supplies and funds equipment, it is best practice for OT to prescribe appropriate item.


For more information please see My Age Care website.