OT Consultants Adelaide

Enhance Occupational Therapy consultancy services are utilised by private and government services across Adelaide. We offer mobile and responsive clinical services for all adult care needs.


Why is an Occupational Therapy Assessment required?

When a third party is funding care needs, items or services, a clinical justification is required to confirm the need and select the appropriate care model.

Occupational Therapists are trained to match your functional needs with the correct equipment and procedure for care. The OT will listen to your goals and make recommendations based on clinical assessment, best practice and Australian Standards.


What is an Occupational Therapy Assessment?

Occupational Therapists "assess" the client's current function in a range of areas.

This assessment will relate to your care needs as identified by your medical or care support team.


What will the Occupational Therapy do?

At the completion of assessments, the write recommendations which include clinical justification. The OT will consider your goals and function in making these recommendations.

The OT may complete the following:

  • A written clinical report of function
  • Application forms for funding bodies
  • Diagrams and recommendations for builders and installers
  • Scripting and equipment recommendations

What is an Occupational Therapy Treatment?

An Occupational Therapist can work with a client to develop skills and methods to improve independence and abilities.

OT treatment can focus on the following areas:

  • Mobility
  • Self care
  • Balance
  • Memory
  • Limb function
  • Grasp 

What are supports?

Occupational Therapists may suggest items or services that will aid safety and independence.

These items of support may include:

  • Balance aids: rails or balustrades

  • Changes to your environment: modification to bathrooms, access points, steps or ramps

  • Short term care: referrals to domestic or personal care services

  • Long term care: referral and clinical justifications to support long term care supports

  • Mobility aids: prescription of walkers, scooters, wheelchairs

  • Exercise and rehabilitation: recovery tools post surgery or injury

  • Personal care items: items or supports to assist with bathing, toilet and dressing

  • Memory aids: items or suppports to assist memory skills


Quality Assurance

Enhance Occupational Therapy are quality assured and certified to ISO9001 standards. 

We engage regularly with external auditors to certify our internal procedures and clinical experience.

Our clinical supervision model is additionally measured and certified against quality standards. 


For more information about our consultancy service please call 8276 3355 for a confidential discussion about your organisation's needs.