Early Career OT Program


Enhance OT provide an early career program for clinicians who are 1-3 years in practice. Under the supervision of experienced clinical leadership, Occupational Therapists in the first 1-3 years of practice will develop their skills in a supportive team. 


Our successful applicants will work with adults in the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Community and public housing programs
  • Hospital discharge programs
  • Inpatient assessments
  • Palliative care programs
  • Disability programs


Training early career professionals


In the early years of professional practice, training is essential for OT development and quality outcomes.


Enhance OT support early career team members to develop sound and well rounded skills with targeted training:


  • Documented supervision of applied skills - from an experienced supervisor
  • Mentoring in professional practice - from trained senior practitioners
  • Shadow training in your areas of interest - exposure to broad clinical settings


Our clinical team share their experience with extensive in house training for clinical skills in a broad range of settings:


  • Acute care and hospital discharge assessments
  • Community therapy plans and treatment
  • Complex and custom equipment scripting
  • Complex Home Modifications
  • Disability assessments
  • Assessment for aging conditions
  • Rehabilitation from injury or illness


Trained Supervisors

Our clinical leadership team each have 20+ years of experience working with new OT and developing skill set of teams.


Professional Development (PD)


Professional Development (PD) is mandatory for registration and every clinician will need to keep records of development and goals.


To effectively develop clinical skill set, Enhance OT support all staff with internal and external PD opportunities.


To complement your internal development the company employment contract includes a generous budget for external PD including paid professional development leave.


Time for Training and Development


Every week our team are allocated non-clinical time for supervision and reflective recording of practice. 

Additionally, our teams meet weekly to share experiences and current case studies. 

When staff members have identified areas of skill development, the company will support with the cost of relevant external training sessions and fund the time to attend.


Applying New Skills


Attending an external PD session is valuable when given the opportuntity to apply new skills in a supervised and reflective structure.


The training structure in our early career program allows meaningful application of PD goals in a supported environment. With a broad client base and experience in our team, our early career team members develop skills quickly and soundly.


Foundation Skills and Areas of Interest


As a clinician, there are key foundation assessment skills to be developed in the early years of career.

Our qualified supervision and leadership team have a broad range of training experience to support both foundation skills and opportunities to explore areas of clinical interest.



For interested Occupational Therapists, we are pleased to send you a detailed description of the role.


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Expressions of Interest

Potential applicants may discuss their interest with Managing Director or Clinical Leads in confidence.

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