OT and NDIS Pre-Planning

Enhance OT disability sector services are long established for consultancy, treatment and assessment.


Occupational Therapist assessments form part of NDIS applications. We have included some regularly asked questions about how OT contribute to the process.


What is OT?

Occupational Therapist will assess and report on areas which are identified by client or other health professional.

Areas an OT may assess and report on may include:

  • Function
  • Mobility
  • Cognition
  • Daily Living


How does the OT contribute to NDIS planning?

An OT report will be used to collect information on function and areas of need.

The OT will need to assess these areas and report care items to support the individual in achieving their goals.


What do I bring to my OT assessment?

The OT will need to assess you in person.

For the OT to comment on health conditions and their relationship to function, the latest medical reports from GP and specialists is important.

What about equipment?

If you wish for OT to assess existing equipment and use, please bring to the appointment.

If you wish for OT to assess for existing home set up, please ensure at least one consult is booked for home address.

What does it cost?

Enhance OT are private practice and invoice clients per hour. 

Consults are invoiced to client on the day of consult.

For reports, we quote time prior and invoice separately.

Before Enhance OT proceed with any service, we will require a signed agreement for services.

Please contact our office to request a client intake form.


Do I need a referral?

The OT will need all relevant information to complete a thorough assessment. A letter of referral from your GP will be useful as will as any reports which relate to condition and function.

If you are self referring, we will require a completed intake form.


Need more information?

Our client service team can assist with information about referral guidelines and costs.

Please contact us 8276 3355 for discussion with our team.

Complete an enquiry form so we can contact you.