Occupational Therapy Care Plans

OT care plans outline the delivery of services and supports for a range of conditions.


Occupational Therapist assessment outcome may include the development of a Care Plan. The care plan will outline treatment and service delivery to address client goals. 

What is a care plan?

Care plans are the result of OT clinical assessment and will include recommendations for current and future care needs.

Care plans are specific to the clinical and functional needs of the individual. The care plan can guide the carers to deliver their service in a safe and appropriate way.

The care plan can also communicate the specific goals and preference of the client to their carers.


OT Care Plans


OT Care plans may be used to guide carers in transfers, lifts and complex equipment use. The recommendations and instructions will guide carers in the best practice methods and include information specific to client's wishes.

Care plans can be used to guide carers in the personal care, transport and social activities.

The information in your care plans may also be used to inform funding applications or service reviews for current or future needs.


OT service includes: