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 Aug 31, 2017  


NDIS and Occupational Therapy

NDIS registered Occupational Therapists Enhance OT offer home based services to clients in the adult disability sector. Everyone has different goals and we are pleased to work with you to build a sustainable OT plan of service.


What are your goals?

For some, this may be a better home environment, more supports or easier access to the bathroom or back yard. For others, it might be learning to catch a bus, meeting a group of friends at the movies or cooking a meal.

An OT will look at all of your goals and work through a plan that can include family, friends or formal supports.

An OT will look at all the things you can do and strategize a treatment plan to address those things that limit your daily activities.


What will the OT do?

Occupational Therapists conduct a range of assessments to review and “assess” the needs and suitability of aids and equipment.

OT Assessments can include:

  • Seating assessments
  • Wheelchair and mobility assessments
  • Transfer assessments
  • Daily living, services and care

Treatment may include:

  • Upper limb therapy
  • Hand therapy and exercises
  • Lower limb exercises

Occupational Therapist may introduce tools to address:

  • Financial management
  • Daily activities and diary planning
  • Medication management
  • Socialisation
  • Relaxation

Occupational Therapist can train and review formal and informal care supports. This may include:

  • Lifter training
  • Manual handling training
  • Carer support and information


NDIS Rates & Payment

Enhance OT accept referral for clients who are self or coordinator managed. All items are billed on account, with 14 day terms. We do not require payment on the day of service.

Enhance OT are NDIS registered and we are pleased to work with agency managed clients and their care team.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Can you visit me at home?

Yes, we are a mobile OT service. We are pleased to meet you at the place that best serves your treatment or assessment.

I would prefer a male, do you have male Occupational Therapists?

Yes, Enhance OT provide male and female clinical staff.

My NDIS plan is not in place, what is your private fee for OT?

If your plan is not yet in place, we can provide OT services at a private fee.

Please call our client service staff to discuss your needs and private fee referral.

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