Home Modification

OT assessment for home modification will relate function, ability and goals of client. Occupational Therapist will recommend modifications that suits both client needs and Australian Standards for access.


What is Home Modification?

Modification can range from a single rail to assist with bathroom use or major structural work to wet areas, kitchens and home access.

When a third party is funding a modification, best practice requires an Occupational Therapist to assess the client. The outcome will be a report which outlines the function, goals and abilities of client.

If modification to the home is recommended, the OT will provide a clinical justification for the need of home modification. The OT will also draw up a set of diagrams to guide builders and designers.

Why an OT for Home Modification?

The Occupational Therapist means recommendation will meet both the needs of the client and satisfy guidelines for funding body. Different entitlement schemes or funding groups will have criteria for OT to consider when making recommendations.

If client wishes to fund modification privately, OT can work with client and builder to satisfy client functional needs as well as Australian Building Standards.

Do I still need a builder or architect?

Yes, the builder, engineers and architects are responsible for building work.

It is the role of the Occupational Therapist to set out the spatial requirements in diagrams, so that the environment suits the client's function and ability. The OT diagrams will guide the builder, engineers and architects to construct the environment to suit your needs and function.


Enhance OT Certifications

Enhance OT are Quality Assured to ISO9001:2015.

Enhance OT present our recent practice evidence in universal environmental design and clinical assessment to auditors to demonstrate our compliance with Australian Standards and Australian Health Practioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) competancy standards. 

The OT Board of Australia and AHPRA have specific requirements relating to recency of practice and clinical registration. In addition to our quality systems audits, we supply recent evidence of clinical practice to other auditing bodies including NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.  

All our clinical outputs are delivered by staff with recent practice evidence. Our staff are additionally supervised by Principal OT and Clinical Lead OT with suitable supervision evidenced to external auditors.

Practice evidence includes +500 modifications per 6 months supervised.


Our service includes: