Discharge Planning Occupational Therapy Services

Enhance occupational therapists provide inpatient consultancy to Adelaide hospitals. OT discharge planning service can include pre and post discharge assessments for a range of needs.



Why OT assessments at hospital discharge?


The goal of an OT assessment is to support the patient on homecoming at discharge. If the patient has a sudden change in function or health, the hospital may refer to Occupational Therapy. The outcome is a written assessment of function and existing supports in the home.

The assessment with an Occupational Therapist is a chance to identify supports and strategies to aid independence and recovery. OT assessment may include review of mobility, transfers (bed, toilet, chair, car), existing supports, cognition, personal care and other items of daily living. Occupational therapists may discuss short term equipment, modification or other home safety recommendations.

Reports and recommendations are forward to hospital and GP for best practice health coordination

Family and carers are welcome to attend the OT home assessment with permission of the patient.


Does the patient need to be present?


An OT can perform a Pre Discharge Access Assessment whilst the patient is still in hospital. This service will review access to home and make recommendations to facilitate safe discharge.

For patients with poor mobility it is a popular service that can make the transition from hospital to home an easier, quicker and safer event. This is particularly the case if someone needs to return home in a wheelchair or other mobility aid.

What will the OT assessment involve?


It is the role of the OT to identify or anticipate any difficulties that someone may experience when they get home. With consideration of client current function, the OT will review the home environment, make recommendations regarding falls prevention, assess the ability to transfer appropriately, review bathing areas and ability for self-care.

The OT will train patient and carer in fall prevention strategies including safe bathroom or stair use.

Recommendations may include referral to short term services like domestic, meals or shower assistance.

Enhance OT Discharge Planning referrals:


  • Same day and urgent referral accepted
  • Oncology care and palliative care referrals accepted
  • Self funded clients
  • Hospital and package funded
  • Inpatient - access appointed staff available
  • Pre surgical home review – knee and hip
  • Private health "extras" - Items (100 Initial) for outpatients 

Rates are charged hourly for consult, reports, assessment and coordination with hospital, family and carers. For more information on our discharge planning occupational therapy services please feel free to contact our friendly client services team.