NDIS Referrals

Enhance Occupational Therapy Adelaide services are long established for consultancy, treatment and assessment in the disability sector.


Adult disability occupational therapist assessments include daily living and equipment needs to support people in our community who live with a disability.

Enhance OT provide ADL assessments as well as carer support and training. Our service can accept referrals for clients with low or complex care needs.

Enhance OT services include:

  • OT disability consultancy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Carer training
  • Manual handling
  • Lifter training
  • Care Plans
  • Equipment and seating prescription
  • Upper limb treatment and exercise plans
  • Assessments of daily supports
  • Assistive technology assessment
  • Assessment of function
  • Assessment of capacity
  • Recommendations for home modification


Self Referral Form



Enhance OT provide clinicians who have recent practice in the service are requested.

To ensure the appropriate Occupational Therapist is assigned, referrals need to include relevant health information and any specifics about client request.


Privacy and Consent

All health providers are governed under privacy legislation.

We ask for client consent before we attend and exchange personal information.

Consent of client or their authorised nominee is included on our referral/intake form.


OT Referrals for NDIS Participants:

All occupational therapy practice is guided by rules and legislation which govern allied health care:

  • Allied health legislation
  • Privacy and consent rules
  • Provider codes and guidelines
  • Operational frameworks for funding body
  • Consumer law
  • Taxation and GST legislation


Funding with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

When a third party is funding the service, the OT must comply with codes, guidelines and frameworks.

All company procedures comply with National Disability Insurance Scheme (Registered Providers of Supports) Rules 2013.


NDIS Registered Provider

Enhance OT are registered providers who engage external auditors to demonstrate compliance with all operational frameworks, codes and guidelines.

Enhance OT is registered provider under Therapeutic Supports (Group 0128).


GST Free Service

The published ATO determinations allow GST free services to participants when a service agreement is created and suits participant's plan. 


Client Consent

Allied health providers (OT) require consent to treat, assess and exchange information about clients. 

Please ensure authorised people make referral and include consent information.


First OT Assessment

When an NDIS participant would like to use plan funds to pay for our Occupational Therapy services, we will require the consent of participant or their nominee.

Our intake form includes agreement for only the initial assessment (1 hour).

Please ensure authorised people provide consent to the first assessment.


*NDIS Tip: Consent and service booking should be made before service.


Additional assessments and reports

At the first consult, the OT will make recommendations based on their clinical assessment.

If further OT services, assessments or reports are required, the OT will discuss and plan with the participant.

Recommendations for OT service are based on best practice and OT clinical determination.


Self Referral Form


Service Agreements

The Occupational Therapist will design a plan of service based on best practice clinical process.

In consultation with the participant, OT will supply a step by step guide including:

  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Reports

Enhance OT will also supply our terms service for participant/nominee review.

If an advocate is required, we do supply a list of contacts to support participants.

The consent to our proposed service and terms is require before service.

Participants or their nominees can sign agreement or supply a letter of consent.


For more information see these helpful links:


NDIS Service Agreements


Competition and Consumer Law for NDIS: A guide to competition and consumer law: for businesses selling to and supplying consumers with disability




Service Bookings

A service booking tells the agency you wish to use the funds in your budget for Occupational Therapy.

The service booking acts like a purchase order against the relevant plan budget and includes the number of agreed hours, rate and dates of service.


How are Service Bookings created?


Agency Managed

Enhance OT are registered providers and will create service booking for you. 

Evidence of consent is uploaded to the portal including date and person providing consent.


Self Managed

Clients will need to create a service booking in the portal.

Invoices are issued directly to participant/nominee by post or email. 

Receipts are issued when payment is made.


Plan Managed - Plan managers create flexible service bookings to cover a range of supports.  Enhance OT will supply your service agreement outlining dates, rate and number of services.

To support your provider engagement, the Plan Manager will confirm that sufficient funding is available with your providers.

For more information - NDIS Guide to Plan Management


Self Referral Form




Question:Which budget is used to fund Occupational Therapy in my plan?


To see what your current budget allocation is for therapeutic supports (OT), look at your plan section listed as CAPACITY BUILDING. 

Depending on what you and the planner discussed at your last planning meeting, will determine how much and what type of allied health you have budgeted for.

Please discuss with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Planner if you need assistance with your plan or budget. 

For more information, refer to the agency website: NDIS Website - Support Budgets




Question:What information should I include on referral form?


1. Consent

For new and returning referrals we require a record of participant consent.


2.  NDIS Accepted Conditions

When the NDIS supply funding to support a participant with a specific condition, please include on referral so we can allocate a clinician with appropriate clincial practice skill and evidence.

Information on any other relevant health or care issues, will help us allocate the best suited clinician to meet the participant's needs.


3. Equipment Requests - Assistive Technology (AT)

If the client has a specific equipment request, please include on the referral so we can allocate OT with most recent scripting practice evidence.

To make formal applications, OT may request additional reports or other documentation which confirm diagnosis and primary conditions recognised by the agency.

New equipment will need an application to the agency.

The type of equipment and its use, will determine the method of purchase and approval.

Assistive Technology/Equipment application will include:

  • Clinical justification
  • Risk analysis
  • Evidence of clinical trial
  • Cost benefit analysis

For more information on  equipment and the NDIS:

Assistive Technology (AT) Operational Guidelines


4. NDIS Plan Number

Please include the NDIS plan reference number. 

We do not need to see your plan, but please send us any other important information to ensure your outcomes and goals are addressed.

The dates of your plan are useful when creating service agreements. Please note services are only GST free when participant has an active plan.

Please note plan managers and agency portal cannot create service bookings beyond the current plan dates.


5. Contact information

Please tell us who to contact and any relevant information to attend.

Attending people:

If the consult is in your home, we want to assure your assessment is private and confidential. Please include your preferred and trusted people. 

COVID19 precautions recommend home health services include only essential attendees. 

Contact tracing:

All present will need recording for contact tracing compliance.

When visiting care facilities or share accomodation, we need to comply with specific (COVID19) legislation which applies in South Australia, please supply the care managers details for access clearance.


6. Safe environments

We provide a safe service and will ask you questions relating to other people, the location of assessment and support needs.

Any risk issues should not noted to ensure appropriate clinical assignment and best practice work health and safety.

Our service agreement has more information about Safeguards and mandatory reporting.



Question: Who gets updates about my approvals and applications?


After the clinical assessment, the OT will supply the requested documentation, clinical justification and quotes to help present your needs to the agency.

The agency will need participant consent and signature on applications.

Participant and their nominee should be prepared to communicate with agency regarding reviews, meetings and AT approvals.



More information and help with referrals 

Our client service team are available Monday to Friday.

We can assist with information about referral guidelines and costs.

Call 8276 3355 for discussion about referrals & services.


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